Month: July 2016

Business tips for young entrepreneurs trying to get popular

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plansBusiness is not as simple as earlier anymore. Not that it was easy before, but now, with the trending online presence and increasing competition, investors are more difficult to find, and success is more difficult to achieve.

The competition

There are thousands of new businesses being established every day all over the world and thousands of ideas getting nipped in the bud. Very few make it to global, national, or even local recognition. The competition is tough to say the least and you must survive long enough to see success.

Survival tips for your business

To make your business survive, you need to think things through before establishing your business officially. Before networking-event-750x400you introduce yourself to the potential clients, you need to be ready with the following:

  • Long term investors
  • Products aligned to offer to potential takers
  • Payment mode and customer database management systems
  • Service crew to execute all the dealings

20150826164013-two-office-woman-working-on-projectYou need to be ready for the best response. You are lucky if you start getting orders and you cannot afford to mess that up just because you weren’t prepared for such good response.

Even in case of poor response, you need to be ready with a Plan B which has its own Plan B.

Search Engine Optimization

We all know what search engine optimization is. We all know the importance of maintaining one or more social media profiles in order to reach out to as many people possible. What new entrepreneurs need to know is that having a profile or two is not enough, you need to maintain it like a pro. Here’s how:Banner_Home1_BuildBetterBusiness_Banner_02Invest– You need to invest in a social media management team that will handle all your feedback and online presence issues.

  • Participate– Even if you have a dedicated SMM team, you need to be present sometimes to set the tone between the buyer and the seller.
  • Be aware– Don’t just leave everything to the team you hired. Get some basic knowledge about the different SEO tools they are using.
  • Take regular feedback– Your SEO team is there to collect feedback and data for you it is your job to go ahead and scrutinize it all.
  • es-banner-02Track progress– You have spent a lot of money on SMM and SEO teams and on the required SEO tools. Make sure it is worth the investment. Keep a track of the progress indicated by the tools and the team.
  • Accommodate according to the indications– Just knowing how your website is doing, and which category of people are responsible for maximum traffic, is not enough. You need to adjust your services according to the feedback you get, if you want to make things work.

As long as you know where your business and brand image stands, you will be equipped to make the necessary modifications to ensure the survival of your business. Taking calculated risks and having an organized plan with the resources to follow through, is all you need to succeed.…